Swimmer catches shark with bare hands, poses with it for stunned beachgoers

Once sharks enter the news cycle,

it’s officially the start of summer.

A Delaware beachgoer filmed a man at Cape

Henlopen State Park beach carrying an enormous

shark under his arm while in knee-deep water.

Rachael Foster, who caught the video,

shared it to Facebook where it’s

accumulated over 94,000 views.

As several stunned beachgoers and

kids stared at him from the shore.

the video reveals how the man then pried open the

shark’s mouth and showed it off to the spectators,

possibly anticipating a fun photo opportunity.

In the video, people can be heard laughing somewhat

nervously at the encounter. One woman in the background

can even be heard saying, “Oh my god, that’s a big a** shark”.

“Everyone started yelling, ‘Shark, shark, get

out of the water!’” Foster told DelmarvaNow.

“It was so crazy, like a movie. Like ‘Jaws’” .

Foster confirmed that the swimmer was only

trying to help out the shark — which had a

hook stuck in its mouth — then he let it free

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