The Sweetest Mini Easter Desserts To Make This Spring

Truth be told, we get just as excited about the food that’s going to be on the Easter table as we do to watch the kids run around hunting eggs in the yard. That excitement only builds as we bury our plates in baked ham, green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, and (of course) pineapple casserole—but the real fun begins when it’s time to hit the dessert spread. Easter provides the perfect opportunity to throw a little whimsy into your menu, especially by way of miniature spring treats that can be easily grabbed and taken outside for the festivities. Or loaded up aplenty onto a plate! Choose from fun Easter-themed recipes like coconut meringue nests, carrot cake bars, bunny butt cupcakes, and even Hummingbird whoopie pies. One thing’s for sure: Spring has never tasted so sweet with these mini Easter desserts.