Sweet Video of Shelter Dogs Enjoying a Play Group Is a Breath of Fresh Air

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Oftentimes, it seems like shelter dog's lives are filled with sadness from the moment they wake in the morning to the moment they shut their eyes at night. At least, that's what the heartbreaking commercials with the world's saddest music make it seem like! And while this may be the tragic truth for some animals, many shelter dogs still experience moments of happiness and comfort thanks to their dedicated rescue workers and volunteers.

If you'd like an adorable example (and who wouldn't?), take a look at this sweet video from TAPS Animal Shelter in Pekin, Illinois. Their November 8 post shows several happy dogs enjoying a playgroup in the sunshine. It doesn't get better than that!

Aww--how sweet! This is such a different vibe than the tear-jerking videos of sad-looking dogs I'm used to. And that's just fine! Both depictions of shelter dogs are accurate, and both have the potential to convince viewers to adopt a rescue pet.

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Still, I'll be the first to admit that seeing happy adoptable dogs is a major breath of fresh air. All of the dogs in this video--including the big fawn-colored fur baby in the enclosure behind the first group--were living their best lives in the sunshine with their buddies. They deserve it--especially since they spend so much time in their shelter enclosures.

The best part about these doggie playgroup videos, in my opinion, is that the adoptable dogs can let their personalities shine! It's a major green flag to see that a rescue dog gets along with other pups, and getting a preview of their style of play is a great way to gauge whether they'd fit in with other fur siblings. Plus, a well-exercised dog is way less likely to be a destructive dog, whether they're in a shelter or in their forever home.

@Tapspekinil is just one no-kill animal shelter where dogs get as many chances to shine as possible. The shelter volunteers work hard to ensure every dog gets to go home to a loving owner!

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