Sweet Video of Elephant Enjoying a Game of Soccer Is Impossible to Resist

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The animal seemed to be having so much fun!

Elephants are so smart — and they have such strong personalities too. Just take this incredible video from TikToker @zoologistmeag, which shows an elephant having a ball while playing soccer. We can't believe how far she kicked the ball!

Meagan Sandhaas is a zoologist who shares animal education videos on her page. In the clip, the elephant both passes the soccer balls back to itself and then gives them a swift kick. Take a look!

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"The African Elephant Research Unit uses soccer as an enrichment for the African elephants at the Knysna Elephant Park!" the video's caption reads. 

It's just so cool to see an elephant playing sports. In fact, the video has since been watched over 427,000 times.  And people in the comments section were impressed by the animal's footwork. "This man got better ball control than me," @babybird_06 joked. "Would the trunk be a handball or a trunk ball or is it legal even?" @al0nie wondered. "Trust me this one is going pro. World cup here we go," @onlymbsn kidded. "Are you telling me I can just play with an elephant if I (if hypothetically, like just hypothetically) don't have friends?" @1lyasssss asked.

Later in the thread, the TikTok creator shared that the elephant's name was Amari and explained that she "came to the park a few years ago!" 

If you want to see other cool animal videos, there are so many on Sandhaas' page — including one clip of another elephant named Thato trying to get a treat. 

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Now there's a smart girl!