Netflix Dropped the Official 'Sweet Magnolias' Trailer, and Season 2 Looks So Good

Photo credit: Netflix
  • Netflix's latest Southern drama Sweet Magnolias has gained a devoted fan following after Season 1 debuted on May 19, 2020.

  • Fans took to Twitter to demand a second season, and their wishes came true on July 23, when Netflix confirmed Season 2.

The TV series Sweet Magnolias instantly captured fans' hearts when it debuted on Netflix on May 19, 2020. And just as quickly, it broke fans' hearts with an emotional Season 1 cliffhanger that leaves the fate of one of the main characters up in the air.

Fans on Twitter were asking—nay, demanding—that Netflix renew the series for a second season so they can find out what happened.

Is Sweet Magnolias Coming Back for Season 2?

Fortunately, Netflix confirmed a second season. And thank goodness, because along with the fans, the series' co-executive producer Norman Buckley was also hopeful the show would get renewed.

"My hope would be that as soon as we can meet again, we would go right into [Season 2]. Once everything opens up," he told The Sun. "I don't know how Netflix makes their decisions, but it definitely would be good if we got a second season."

And to add to the excitement, showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson also shared her feelings about the news via Twitter:

Who Will Star in Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias?

The three season 1 stars, Joanna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley, are all set to return to the show, which can only mean we'll be getting even more amazing fashion moments, too!

Is There a Trailer for Sweet Magnolias Season 2?

Netflix released the official trailer on January 21, and fans are thrilled at the glimpse at the new season. One commented, "I HAD THE BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE THE WHOLE TIME. I CANNOT WAITTT!!"

When Will Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias Premiere?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the second season release date, and we finally have official word! Netflix confirmed that the season will drop on February 4, 2022.

Joanna Garcia Swisher took to Instagram to share the news in a special video. And, of course, fans are so excited. One wrote, "Can't love this enough!!!!!" and another commented, "Omg I’ve been waiting!!! 🙌❤️❤️"

The best part? While we wait for the second batch of episodes to arrive, we'll have plenty of time to bake a batch of Serenity cookies and catch up on all the Sweet Magnolias books, too. It's officially time to start preparing for our return to Serenity to see what drama our favorite characters find themselves in next!

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