Sweet Florida Shelter Dog Who Just Wants to Be Close to Humans Is Irresistible

Somebody needs to give this girl a home soon.

Every shelter dog is special in their own way, and Valhalla the Pit Bull is no exception. She's an absolute love bug! Despite ending up in the care of @humanebroward after a history of abuse, this sweet rescue dog still just wants to be loved.

She's melting countless hearts and is on the way to finding her forever home thanks to a precious video on the Broward Humane Society's TikTok. Just wait until you see her--you'll be in love, too!

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Valhalla is absolutely precious! We adore how affectionate she is with her rescuer, even after suffering so much at the hands of humans. She's such a trusting, loving dog!

Commenter @stephanie_hernandez12 couldn't be more right when she called Valhalla a "sweet girl." We think that's just the beginning! She's resilient, gentle, and an all-around good girl. Whoever adopts her is going to be beyond lucky!

Our hearts nearly burst when we read the video description which said, "sweet and gentle Valhalla just wants to be close to you. This love bug will climb right into your lap to say hello and loves getting affection." That's adorable! She seeks out affection in the sweetest ways, and we're sure she'll find an owner who loves to cuddle just as much as she does. Besides, how could anyone resist those puppy dog eyes?

Humane Broward also commented, "Valhalla is shy around other dogs and would do best with low-key pets. She would be great with kids." We could totally see her becoming besties with a child! Whatever her future holds, though, we can't wait to see her happily ever after.

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