I Swear by Winged-Liner Stamps to Make Doing My Makeup Every Day 10 Times Easier

Jessica Harrington

For the longest time, I was embarrassed to admit that, as a beauty editor, I sucked at applying liquid eyeliner. I thought it was a skill I had to master, but it stressed me out to no end. Blame it on me being a perfectionist or my frantic morning routine, but every time I attempted a cat eye, I could never get it right and would end up sacrificing all of my eye makeup to fix it. But then, I was introduced to eyeliner stamps - the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Winged-liner stamps come in a pen form just like regular liquid liners, but instead of a fine-point felt tip on the end, there's a wing-shaped stamp. To apply, you simply press the wing to the outer corner of your eye and then connect the wing with your lash line using a regular liquid liner. It eliminates the pressure of having to draw on a perfectly pointed wing freehand, which is arguably the hardest part.

The first liner stamp I tried was the Lyda Beauty Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp (which I'm still obsessed with), but I recently discovered there are a handful of other options on the market, so I decided to give them all a try. Keep reading to see which ones are the best.