Photos of swastika, racist sign inside college students' house spark outrage

Photos of racist imagery and language taken inside an off-campus house at a Wisconsin university have riled up students, who are demanding school administrators take action against the alleged perpetrators for participating in hate speech.

The images were posted to Twitter and Snapchat on Thursday by fellow University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh students. The photos show a tapestry with a swastika on it, as well as a whiteboard that reads, “No Liberals, Jews, Muslims, Queers or Hmongs.”

A Twitter user posted photos to her social media accounts to “expose” the students responsible for the racist imagery (Photo: Twitter)
A Twitter user posted photos to her social media accounts to “expose” the students responsible for the racist imagery (Photo: Twitter)

Just one day after students called on the university to respond, Chancellor Andrew Leavitt said that he would be holding an open forum to discuss the issue. In both his announcement and at the event, Leavitt stated, “To anyone who brings hate into the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh community, I invite you to leave.”

The stance against hate and bigotry came after school administrators were tipped off to the images gaining traction online, which Leavitt wrote “appears” to have involved UW-Oshkosh students.

“We began investigating the matter immediately. We take it seriously. I am angry, and I am sorry for the pain these images cause,” his statement reads. “They are examples of hate and bias that defy everything we stand for as a university and inclusive community. We do not and will not tolerate it.”

A spokesperson from the university tells Yahoo Lifestyle that no new information from the Dean of Students Office’s investigation with the UW-Oshkosh Police Department is available at this time. People have taken to social media to demand that the people behind the racist imagery be expelled, rather than asked to leave the university.

In the meantime, State Rep. Gordon Hintz is showing his support for the university and Chancellor Leavitt’s actions in response to the incident.

“Racism has no place on campus or in our community. The hateful words and symbols these students used are contrary to everything UW Oshkosh stands for. As an ally of the students harmed by these events, I hear you and will work with you to improve our campus climate,” a statement obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle reads. “I appreciate the leadership of Chancellor Leavitt and all those who confront racism and bigotry while pushing for a more inclusive, tolerant, and respectful campus, community and world.”

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