​​I Swapped My Usual Shampoo for This Hairstory Wash and My Curls Have Never Looked Better

I Swapped My Usual Shampoo for This Hairstory Wash and My Curls Have Never Looked Better
I Swapped My Usual Shampoo for This Hairstory Wash and My Curls Have Never Looked Better

Mathilde Langevin/Unsplash

Admittedly, I've never given much thought to what shampoo I use. In hindsight, perhaps my often unruly curls and tired-looking tresses were crying out for something more than whatever was currently on sale at the drugstore. I've stuck to the same shampoo routine, or lack thereof, for years. I've been somewhat conscious of my chosen styling products, but it was only after swapping out my usual bargain shampoo for a sulfate-free alternative from Hairstory that I noticed a genuine change.

Sulfate isn't necessarily bad, as experts previously explained to InStyle, but for some people, it can lead to irritation or dryness. For its part in shampoo, sulfate creates the lather, according to Dr. Stacy Chimento, board-certified Miami-based dermatologist and founder of Riverchase Dermatology. Hairstory's New Wash is made without sulfate and instead relies on peppermint oil, jojoba seed oil, and aloe leaf juice to create its conditioner-like consistency.

For a little more than two weeks, I swapped out my usual shampoo for Hairstory's New Wash. Intrigued by the customer reviews that claimed it "transformed" hair and left strands looking "healthy and alive," I found that after 14 days, I truly did notice a major difference in my hair.

New Wash Original
New Wash Original


Shop now: $40; hairstory.com

I've stayed away from No-Poo products in the past, as I found it difficult to really feel as if I was thoroughly washing my hair and scalp. New Wash has a conditioner-like consistency that is easy to apply throughout my hair. Intended to serve as a shampoo and conditioner in one, the creamy liquid doesn't leave my hair looking or feeling greasy.

After the very first use, I noticed an immediate difference in the health and appearance of my curls. My thick, medium-length hair was easier to style and manage. My hair also looked clean longer and the shape of my curls lasted, even after sleeping on them.

As an added bonus, New Wash comes in refillable packaging, and the entire ingredient list is listed the product itself and online. There's a transparency to this brand and what you can expect of its hair products, and it's something that customers definitely appreciate.

"My hair has never been more amazing! I only wash once a week now and my hair has volume and curl where it had neither of those things before! It's soft and not greasy/dirty," one reviewer shared.

Based on my experience with New Wash, I can definitely confirm that my hair has also never looked this good. Try the shampoo for yourself and pick up New Wash online now.