Swair’s Showerless Shampoo: A Fitness Editor’s Must-Have Dry Shampoo Alternative

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No white residue or harsh chemicals—just fresh, silky hair

<p>Verywell Fit / Alli Waataja</p>

Verywell Fit / Alli Waataja

Reviewed by Kristin McGee, CPTFact checked by Rich Scherr

Last year, the personal care company Unilever recalled aerosol dry shampoos from some of its top brands because they contained elevated levels of benzene. An avid user of one of the Dove products on the list, I immediately threw my can away and started shopping for a replacement.

I’ve been a dry shampoo fan for years. The right spray can extend my hairstyle for another one to two days, even after a rigorous week of workouts, so I knew I couldn’t live without it. But with so many on the market, I felt overwhelmed—not to mention afraid of choosing another product with too much benzene.

Enter Swair’s Showerless Shampoo. When I first saw it, I was skeptical: It’s a clear liquid spray that claims to remove oil without relying on dry shampoo’s usual spray-and-fluff routine. But after trying it on a whim, I was quickly impressed.



Swair Showerless Shampoo, $38 at amazon.com or swair.com

Using Swair is easy. After a long, hot day or a tough spin class, lightly spritz it on the dirtiest part of your hair. (For me, this is always at my roots and on my bangs.) Then, dry your hair using either a towel or a blow dryer. You should notice fresh, clean hair that looks like you’ve stepped out of the shower, without the white residue and harsh chemicals that traditional dry shampoos rely on.

It may sound too good to be true—I was shocked when it worked perfectly on the first try. But even on my thick, oily hair, Swair removed all traces of sweat. It left my bangs feeling light, replacing a thick layer of grime with a healthy shine.

And best of all, it’s completely invisible (so if you miss a spot, you won’t walk out of the gym with a rogue white streak). I’ve only towel-dried my hair, so I can’t say for sure whether you may get even better results by using a blow dryer, as the brand suggests. Still, this is a must-have in my gym bag.



Swair SweatShield Multi-Tasking Hair Protector, $38 at amazon.com or swair.com

Next on my to-buy list is Swair’s SweatShield Multi-Tasking Hair Protector. Another clear spray, this one is a leave-in conditioner that promises to protect your strands from heat, humidity, sweat, and air pollution. It also prevents frizz and cuts down on the time you spend air drying or blow drying your hair—a huge bonus, in my book.

Both sprays are vegan and cruelty-free, without any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehydes, alcohol, or gluten. And at $38 each, they are pricier than most traditional dry shampoos. But the near-instant results are more than enough of a reason for me to splurge.

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