New Survey Reveals Americans Are More Excited to Give Gifts Than Receive Them This Year

One exciting aspect of the holiday season is ripping the wrapping paper off your presents and seeing what's inside. However, despite that magical feeling, new research reveals that people actually get more enjoyment from giving holiday presents than they do from receiving them. According to the survey, which was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Minted, 68 percent of Americans are more excited to give gifts this year than they are to open them.

To obtain their findings, researchers asked over 2,000 United States residents who celebrate a winter holiday to pinpoint what they believe makes the season so holly jolly. They found that 57 percent look forward to giving a greater number of gifts this year than in previous years. Respondents also report adding more names than usual to their shopping lists.

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woman giving christmas gift to man
woman giving christmas gift to man

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The survey was developed as a way to explore the season's highlights and identify how people's holiday values differ across generations. Of the millennials surveyed, 45 percent say sending holiday cards is one of their favorite holiday activities, while 52 percent of baby boomers get excited to share gifts. Other generational divides reveal that boomers are looking forward to connecting with their loved ones more than millennials—72 percent versus 63 percent. However, more millennials (56 percent) are owners of decorative family heirlooms compared to baby boomer respondents (30 percent).

When it comes to holiday activities, the survey reveals most Americans (78 percent) plan on sticking to their tried-and-true family traditions, while 68 percent are looking forward to trying something new. Watching holiday movies (57 percent) and decorating the Christmas tree (54 percent) are the traditions respondents are most excited for. Additionally, 51 percent want to prepare family recipes and 49 percent are looking forward to watching holiday movies. However, three in five respondents say putting up holiday decorations with their families is the most important part of the season and 46 percent say they own an ornament that has been passed down from generation to generation.

"With a focus on quality family time and giving gifts rather than receiving, this year's holiday season is shaping up to become a joyful return to the beloved values and traditions of years past," says a Minted spokesperson in a statement. In fact, one in three respondents say they plan to send care packages to loved ones who live far away and two-thirds of all respondents say a custom gift is the best present to give to a family member or friend. Don't forget to add a handwritten note or holiday card to your present—72 percent of respondents feel it's the perfect way to make any gift more meaningful.