Surprisingly, Jenna Ortega’s triangular hairstyle is extremely flattering

jenna ortega triangular hairstyle
Triangular hair is now a thing, thanks to Jenna OGetty Images
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"Triangular pizza slice hair?!" you would more than likely catch me scoffing, had I read that headline elsewhere. However, today, I am that insufferable person (soz), likening Jenna Ortega's latest hairstyle to obscure and weird (yet still very wonderful) objects and soon, you will be too. Listen up and please, hear me out!

Mid-month and mid-week of February 2024, Vanity Fair blessed our timelines with an iconic digital cover for their 30th annual #VFHollywood issue. 11 spectacular stars, as the publication puts in themselves, unite to honour their ground-breaking successes and among Bradley Cooper, Natalie Portman, Pedro Pascal, there sat 21-year-old actor, Jenna Ortega. Impressive, much?

While we're in awe of all of the work that Jenna has put out into the world, today, it's her head-turning hairstyle that had us gushing (and contemplating ordering a large Domino's pizza early this morning). Scroll through the below carousel post below to visualise all that I'm describing:

As shown, the actor's brunette, shoulder-length locks have been styled in an angular way. From the root, hairstylist Akki Shirakawa – who has previously worked on coveted looks such as Bella Hadid's blonde pixie haircut for Perfect Magazine – has meticulously placed Jenna's strands to sit outward, falling toward the edge of her shoulders. The ends have then been curved inward at an almost perfect 90-degree angle, therefore making a triangular silhouette.

It's giving Old Hollywood blowout, it's giving artistry, it's giving Quality Street green triangles – all in the best ways possible.

BRB while I contemplate what to do first; book a hair salon appointment to make like Jenna or figure out the fastest way to door dash a greasy pizza... decisions, decisions.

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