Surprisingly Great Picks Week 6 - Randall Cobb

FFL Flash Alert - Could the Texans vet be in line for a big game in a divisional showdown?

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: And I'm going to take Randall Cobb, who is the clear number three Texans receiver. He's third on the team with 137 routes run. But it's not a massive gap between him and Will Fuller at number two. Cobb has been plenty involved. We've seen him have one-- at least one ceiling game and a few floor games. And here's the key. I really think this Titans-Texans match-up is going to be more high scoring than people think.

I like both of these offenses, especially now that the Texans have exorcised the Bill O'Brien demon. And they're playing loose. They're playing fast. They're playing free-- a lot more play action in their first game without Bill O'Brien last week. I think that can favor Randall Cobb, who's got a pretty decent match-up. The Titans allow almost 13 yards per catch to slot receivers, which is pretty unique considering that's more of the bunny-hop receiver position.