Surprisingly Great Picks Week 5 - Curtis Samuel

FFL Flash Alert - Curtis Samuel has yet to find the end zone in 2020, but could the Panthers WR be a great pick in Week 5?

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Speaking of throwing up, us Curtis Samuel troopers, we've been throwing up a lot in the first couple of weeks of the season. Hey, we've been throwing up for about two years straight now. So it's OK, we're used to vomiting. But I think you can actually play Curtis Samuel this week, because he's in a high scoring game. We know that, when the Falcons and Panthers are going to face off.

He's also, look, I understand he has a clear wide receiver three on the team. We know Robby Anderson is clearly ahead of him. DJ Moore is clearly ahead of him. He's run the third most routes on the team. However, he does lead the team with 16.5 slot routes per game and just 6.8 air yards per target. So he's getting the layup looks, he's running the routes from the slot, and Atlanta just gets creamed by slot receivers.

We know that they give up everywhere in the secondary, that's not a problem. But sixth most in terms of catches and yards allowed to slot receivers. So if you're desperate, and hey, it's the coronavirus season, folks, you're desperate. I'm sure you've got some Bills in your lineup. I'm sure you've got some Titans in your lineup. You're a little desperate here. I think Curtis Samuel can give you what you need from a wide receiver four or a flex type of play.