Surprise! 'After' Is Getting a Fifth Movie Featuring Tessa and Hardin

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Photo credit: Voltage Pictures
Photo credit: Voltage Pictures

Just when we thought that we were officially saying goodbye to Tessa and Hardin, we got a special surprise: a fifth (!!) movie is now in the works! That's right, After Ever Happy is *not* the end of the love story! And while fans were already expecting a prequel film that was previously announced, the new fifth film—titled After Everything—will now serve as the big finale to the After series. So just can fans expect from it?

Here's everything we know about After Everything.

Wait, there's another After movie?!

If you're surprised, don't worry, because you're not the only one. Hero himself revealed that another movie called After Everything has just finished filming, and fans are already so excited to see what happens next. You can check out the special reveal below:

Are Hero and Josephine also in it?!

According to the movie series' Instagram account, both Hero and Josephine are in it because they were both tagged in the announcement.

Photo credit: Voltage Pictures
Photo credit: Voltage Pictures

What will the fifth movie be about?

Your guess is as good as ours! Unlike the previous movies which were based on books, this film actually doesn't have an explicit connection to the original series because the fifth book, Before, is actually the prequel. But we can expect movie #5 to continue Hessa's love story with a possible time jump to show where they end up in the future.

If you've seen the After Ever After, you already know that the movie only touches on part of the book so it's also a safe bet to say that it will take place right after. And with a next-generation sequel also in the works, it's likely it'll tie into that as well!

When will After Everything be released?

Since the project was just announced, it's still too early to tell when it will be released in theaters. However, since filming has wrapped and the movies have been sticking to a yearly release schedule, it's a safe bet to say that it might be out around September 2023.

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