Surfing Great Mark Richardson Posts Heartfelt Thank You After Almost Dying in Bali

Earlier this week we reported that Australian surfing great Mark Richardson is recovering after being hospitalized in Bali for "severe upper gastrointestinal hemorrhaging" caused by an infection and ulcer in an artery.

Richardson thought he had surf trip "Bali belly" before nearly dying in the hospital and being medically evacuated home to Australia. He received blood transfusions on the way and underwent several surgeries.

The four-time Australian surfing champion posted a heartfelt thank you message on Instagram earlier today.

Richardson typed his lengthy thank you message in the post's caption above. Here's a summary:

"Well it was a wild ride and a bit of a journey but I am so happy to say that I am home and well on the way to recovering. So many people to say thank you too and I am so grateful for all the support. Thanks to everyone who donated blood or even offered too while I was in Bali. I was blown away by the response we got when put the message out."

He thanked a long list of people including medical staff in Bali and Australia, his ex-wife, "good mates," the flight crew, and so many others.

Richardson even remembered a "complete stranger."

"Thanks [to] a complete stranger who just turned up to help with translation Olivier you were amazing."

The gratitude continued:

"A huge thank you to @fi_meyer and Nath Meyer who set up the go fund me page and also donated blood. It has taken a lot of stress out of the situation.

"A massive thank you to everyone who donated on the go fund me page. I really appreciate the support and just so grateful to everyone who helped.

"So many messages of support and I thank each and every one of you for sending them too me. Thank you for all your prayers love and good vibes I could feel it.

"I am 1 lucky man and just so grateful to everyone who reached out to help. From the bottom of my heart thank you."


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