Surfers Help Rescue Family of Four on St. Paddy's Day at Ireland Beach

We recently reported that a new study found surfers to be "largely overlooked guardians of the beach."

Particularly, it found that acts of heroism are "surprisingly common" among surfers, and most conduct "an average of three rescues across their surfing career."

A few surfers in Ireland backed up that study when they rescued an entire family from "a riptide" on St. Patrick's Day.

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According to the story above by Irish newspaper, The Echo, "a family of four were dramatically rescued from a riptide by local surfers off a Cork beach" yesterday afternoon, on St. Patrick's Day.

The paper reported:

"A father, mother and their two teenage daughters were described by a spokesperson for the Valencia Coast Guard as being “shaken” following the brief encounter with strong currents at Garrettstown Beach.

“It had potential to be a big incident,” the spokesperson said.

"A surfer, and another member of the local Garrettstown Surf School assisted the family, bringing them ashore at 4.37pm.

"'They [the surfers] were very brave.'"

A Coast guard spokesperson told The Echo that the family was "caught in a riptide," and although they "were shaken," no further medical assistance was needed.

As the study mentioned above said, surfers are often in the right place at the right time to rescue people.

Writer Alastair Bland wrote an article about the study, which found that "male and female surfers conducted an average of three rescues across their surfing career."

Bland wrote that acts of heroism are "surprisingly common" for surfers.

"Scientists found that throughout their lives, surfers reportedly rescue an average of three people who are drowning or otherwise struggling in the water," he wrote.


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