Surfer Shares a Wave with Pod of Big Bottlenose Dolphins in Amazing Drone Footage (Watch)

We've been reporting on a lot of encounters between sharks and surfers lately because they seem to be showing up a lot more than other sea life.

Then yesterday, we covered a really beautiful clip of a mother Southern Right whale and her calf hanging around a surfer in Australia.

And today, we've really awesome drone footage showing a dozen or so bottlenose dolphins who clearly like to ride waves.

@Peacemaker posted the clip above on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, a few days ago and captioned it:

"Surfing with dolphins! That must be an amazing feeling!"

It's not a stretch by any means to say the surfer in the video really did share a party wave with dolphins.

In the clip above, drone footage shows a wave rolling in, as bottlenose dolphins start swimming for it.

One surfer on a shortboard tried to catch it but backed off. Then a goofy footer on what looks like a Gerry Lopex soft top, ya know the Costco special with the light brown rails, takes off on the left.

The surfer rides the wave for a while with several dolphins in the wave too, in front and behind the surfer.

At one point, a boogie boarder considers going but backs off.

Do you think that was out of courtesy for the dolphins or the surfer?

At least the dolphins shared the wave and no humans (or dolphins) were harmed during this session.

We can't say the same for this paddleboarder who had a bottlenose dolphin slam right into him earlier this summer.

Localism at its finest.


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