Surfer Acid Drops ‘Most Dangerous’ Wave on Oahu’s South Shore (Clip)

China Walls, on Oahu's South Shore, is a sketchy surf spot.

In the shadow of Diamond Head, the wave breaks right along a rock wall – meaning, if you fall, you might just get swept up into the cliff. In fact, in a recent vlog, North Shore charger Jamie O’Brien called it the “most dangerous surf spot on the South Shore.”

But that didn’t stop Laguna Beach native, world-renowned skimboarder, and stylish (mostly soft-top) surfer, Blair Conklin, from trying an acid drop at China Walls.

And after a few tries, he nailed it.

Captioning his clip, Conklin wrote:

“Finding any way to not have to paddle anymore! Thanks for the acid drop inspiration @maxwellbourne and thanks for filming @garrettabdulla @sterbowen
Riding the @catchsurf 4’10” Twig.”

Acid drops are not a surfing original maneuver. They come, like a lot of tricks, from skateboarding. Essentially, it involves a surfer or skater running with their board, jumping, then landing on a rail or off a drop with the board under their feet.

As for China Walls, the spot recently saw some carnage.

In late October, a 24-year-old visitor from New York jumped from the rocks and hit his head. No word on whether they lost consciousness or not.

Surfers saw the incident and jumped into action, whilst the victim was being swept out to sea. They used their surfboards to get the man to shore and keep him afloat.

According to Hawaii News Now, “He [the victim] was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.”

Yeah, probably not the best spot for beginners.


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