Surf Legend Rob Machado Gets Barrled on the 'Too Fish' at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch (Clip)

When it comes to surfing, Rob Machado's style is pretty much unmatched. It's a natural fit for his wave-riding vehicle of choice, which these days is a fish, specifically, the "Too Fish" he designed with Firewire.

Earlier this summer, we reported on Machado's visit with surfer Kevin Schulz schooling him on the proper fins for the "Too Fish," which are the keels he created for the board.

Fast forward a few months later, and we get another glimpse at Machado's smooth style that makes it look like he's one with the wave and it's during a session at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch.

Firewire_JP posted the clip above, captioning it:

"Perfect combination at @kswaveco @rob_machado on his Too Fish 5’0 with RM Keels"

The clip shows Machado paddling out in the wave pool with an impressive mop of incredibly long hair reaching down his back.

Staying true to his vision, Machado is riding the keel fins he created for the board.

The goofy-footer paddles into a nice long left and does what he does best—he shreds oh so gracefully down the line.

Naturally, he gets barreled. It is Rob Machado, after all. What else would you expect?

In the video we mentioned above, Machado discussed the fins:

"I've always loved the speed and drive of keel fins, but they can be too tracky at times, so with this keel fin set, I created something that was alive in the pocket and on the shoulder with extreme pivot capabilities. This means all the traditional feels of a keel are in this set, but so is an enlivened turning ability not present in other keel fin sets."

Check out the "Too Fin" from Firewire Surfboards here.


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