'Supernatural' Fans Are Screaming “Dean Is Back!” Over Jensen Ackles’ Latest TV News

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'Supernatural' Fans Are Screaming “Dean Is Back!” Over Jensen Ackles’ Latest TV News

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Supernatural fans might not have seen this one coming. Jensen Ackles is about to make his return to primetime TV and it already looks good.

Earlier this summer, fans caught wind of Jensen's next project when a teaser trailer for Big Sky season 3 dropped on August 3. While the promo YouTube video put the spotlight on Reba McEntire portraying the eccentric matriarch of a backcountry outfitting family, viewers were quickly engrossed in seeing The Boys actor officially come onboard as Sheriff Beau Arlen.

In the 30-second clip, Jensen's character walks in with Deputy Detective Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick). The two take off their aviators before checking out what appears to be a store. Before the snippet is over though, the newcomer is shown giving medical attention to a man on the ground.

That wasn't all though. When Jensen's followers saw the snippet the network provided, they immediately came together to share their excitement for the star's latest TV move.

"Dean is back!" one fan wrote in part on YouTube, referencing the character he played for 15 seasons on Supernatural. "Dean finally gets to play a cowboy," another noted. "I never heard of this show, but Jensen Ackles is one of my favorite actors. Might have this show a chance!" a different person said.

Although this may be big news to those who weren't aware of Jensen's return to primetime, followers of the ABC drama probably heard he'll be playing a larger role in Big Sky season 3. In fact, he announced his most recent role when the season 2 finale aired back in May.

"There is literally a new sheriff in town. (Who apparently is always trying to close his shirt and/or jacket. )," he wrote on Instagram at the time. "((Figure it out, man!🙄)) More info to come. @bigskyabc."

So what can fans expect from Jensen's character in season 3? According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, his character Sheriff Beau Arlen will become Detective Jenny Hoyt's new boss as they investigate what looks to be misdoings of a well-off family in the small town of Big Sky, Montana.

Now, it won't be much longer before Jensen's return to TV later this fall.

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