The New 'Super Models' Docuseries Brings Back REAL Glamor, Power, & Beauty

the super models

Their names are iconic: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford.

A new docuseries, simply titled The Super Models is diving deep into the world of the original supermodels and the influence they had over fashion, culture, and beauty in the ’90s and onward!

The Super Models, coming to Apple TV+ on September 20, offers “unprecedented access to the models” and “takes viewers behind the camera and beyond the catwalk, revealing how they dominated the elite modeling world while illuminating a bond that single-handedly shifted the power dynamic of an entire industry.”

The docuseries sees the four women coming together for the first time in their fifties, after decades of knowing each other. “Cindy, Linda, Christy, and Naomi are still redefining what it means to be a model,” Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of the British edition of Vogue says in the trailer.

The women talk about issues they faced, including being pressured to lose weight, not having control over their own careers, and for Campbell, racism and colorism.

It also shows highlights from their careers, including starring in George Michael’s iconic “Freedom ‘90” music video, influencing every part of culture in the ’90s, being able to guide their own careers, and becoming “the physical representations of power.”

“It wasn’t about the hair and the makeup. It wasn’t about the fashion, it was about the women,” Crawford says in the trailer. “That’s what a supermodel is.”

The four supermodels are also the cover stars of the September issue of Vogue, where they were interviewed about their careers, lives, and the new docuseries.

“To Cindy, Linda, and Christie, sharing this moment with you has been an immense joy,” Campbell wrote in a recent post on Instagram, sharing the cover. “Here’s to the memories we’ve made and to colorful journey it has been so far.”

Watch the trailer for The Super Models below.

This is going to be legendary. The Super Models premieres September 20. Hailing from ...

The Super Models — Official Trailer | Apple TV+