This super fit 4-year-old can do 10 pull-ups — how many can you do?

This 4-year-old is fitter than you. (Photo: @princess_p_freya_doll/Instagram)
This 4-year-old is fitter than you. (Photo: @princess_p_freya_doll/Instagram)

Here’s your weekend fitspo: A 4-year-old girl named Prisais Brooklyn has achieved her goal of doing 10 pull-ups.

The little girl from Moorpark, California pulled off the impressive feat on September 6th in her father’s gym Autumo Crossfit in front of a cheering class. The moment was uploaded to Instagram where it’s received more than 21K views and hundreds of comments praising her strength and determination.

Pull-ups was a goal that Prisais —nicknamed “Princess” — had been working toward for two-and-a-half weeks. “Prisais loves playing around on the gymnastic rings,” her father James Townsend tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “One day, she did three pull-ups so I challenged her to seven and she said, ‘How about 10?’”

The little girl had spent much of her life playing in the gym which her father, a former NFL wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, co-owns. “Prisais was crawling at three months, walking at seven months, and at 14 months, she picked up a two-and-a-half pound weight and started doing dumbbell snatches on her own, without me showing her,” says Townsend.

While it’s obvious that Prisais may have a career in sports, Townsend insists that gym time is pure fun for the preschooler, who isn’t fully aware of her impressive abilities. “I never want Prisais to feel pressure in the gym,” he says. “We’ll stop the second this is no longer fun for her.”

Townsend adds, “I have three daughters and I want them to know that they can be as strong as a man,” he says. “Crossfit is one way to do that.”

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