This Summer's Many Transits Will Make Each Zodiac Sign Confront the Truth, Like It or Not

Lisa Stardust

There’s a lot of cosmic energy happening this summer, so prepare to get clarity like never before. This season will allow us to see our dreams, situations, and people in our lives for who and what they really are. It’s a time when we will all uncover the truth—whether we like it or not. 

We kicked off the summer on June 20th during the Summer Solstice and the start of Cancer season. The following day, we experienced a total solar eclipse in Cancer. Then, on June 30th, Jupiter and Pluto aligned for the second time this year in Capricorn (the first was April 4th, and the next connection will be November 12th). This time, both planets were retrograde, which forced us to reassess our goals. 

Saturn, who’s now moonwalking (aka in retrograde) in the cosmos, re-entered Capricorn on July 1st. Saturn retrograde will be hitting the same degrees it was in at the beginning of March and end of February all summer, so we may go back and forth on decisions made during that previous time. 

The last lunar eclipse of the summer occurs on July 5th, bringing relationship issues to the forefront of our hearts as we decide if we want to make up or break up with our partners, friends, or work. Mercury ends its retrograde journey on July 12th in Cancer. Communication will become clearer as we head into the new black moon on July 20th in Cancer, which will be an intense ending to the season of the crab. 

Leo season commences on July 22nd, heightening our egos and need for flair. Jupiter, retrograde in Capricorn, and Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, will connect on July 27th for the second time this year, creating a moment when we rethink our innermost visions and dreams. The Aquarius full moon on August 3rd will allow us to think about the next strategic steps in implementing our desires. Fortunately, Mercury enters Leo the next day, which will shed light on our passions and give us the energy to make our dreams happen IRL. 

Venus flirts into tender Cancer on August 7th, sweetening up our romantic notions and sentiments. Rebellious Uranus begins its yearly five-month backspin on August 15th in Taurus, asking us to redefine our comforts and security. The Leo new moon on August 18th awakens our hearts and opens our minds to novel ideas. Mercury enters analytical Virgo on the 20th, just two days before Virgo season starts on August 22nd.

The full harvest moon occurs on September 2nd, serving as a reminder to us that summer is coming to an end shortly. Mercury enters Libra on September 5th, making conversions light and chill. However, our theaters will be in the mood for drama on September 6th when Venus moves into Leo. Action planet Mars begins its three-month retrograde journey on September 9th in Aries, making arguments more intense and life stagnant. Jupiter ends its four-month planetary moonwalk in Capricorn on September 12th. The Virgo new moon on September 17th is the big send-off into fall.

Yeah, a lot is happening this summer in the cosmos, and this is what it all means for your zodiac sign.


Your sunny attitude is quite contagious, but your energized buzz can feel overwhelming to others at times. You don’t have to edit or filter yourself around your peers, though. If you own your positive and peppy vibe, then others will totally accept and adore your spunky disposition.


We all know that you hate change, but it’s time to get out of your comfort zone! Taking the road less travelled will not only boost your personal vibe, it will open your eyes to new opportunities and situations that will definitely elevate your career and status.


This summer will prove to be extra challenging for you as you’re trying to find your place and footing in the world. Relationships and friendships may come and go, but as long as you have an understanding of who you are (which you’re now learning), you will fly high.


For the past few months, maintaining and nurturing your relationship has been first on your mind. Now, you’re focusing on how to create the life you want with your boo. You can both take over the world and be the ultimate power couple of your dreams—if you’re ready.


Think of this summer as your personal coming-out-of-hibernation party. You’re ready to make a big splash among your crew on social media and hustle at work. If you have faith in yourself and all you do, then the sky’s the limit. Move towards excellence. You got this!


PSA: A love triangle may form in your personal life, causing you to lose sleep over who the best match is out of your two crushes. You do not have to decide on who you want to commit to right now, however. Flirt your way to fun under the sun.


You’re the life of the party, but this summer, you are feeling more like keeping to yourself than being social. Don’t feel bad—it’s totally okay to skip out on all of the summertime festivities and spend time alone. You will be missed, but rest your energies and focus on yourself.


Reconnect with old friends and laugh about the good old days. After all, you need a break from your daily stresses, and nothing will prove more fulfilling than reminiscing with your pals. You’ll even keep in touch with them throughout the year.


Love doesn’t come easy to your free spirit, a sentiment that’s proving to be truer than ever this summer. You’re learning and understanding what it takes to be in a healthy and equal partnership, which may be challenging at times because you tend to trot wherever the breeze takes you.


You try to work on one-on-one relationships until you’re sure that you are ready to let go. What you’ll come to find now, though, is that many friendships and partnerships are well past their expiration date. You’ve all evolved differently. Let go with ease to receive the love you want.


Setting boundaries with your friend group is more important than ever—especially since they want to be too much in the know when it comes to your love life. You don’t have to overshare every detail of your life, and right now it’s important to keep your romantic notions private.


Summer will help you determine the type of relationship you want—meaning you’ll be able to define the terms of the partnership, with the incentive of committing to your boo by the beginning of autumn. This is your chance to make and live by your own romantic rules.

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