Summer House: Martha's Vineyard's Jordan Emanuel says the house votes have gotten 'tired'

Jordan Emanuel is shining bright on "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard." Gibson Johns interviews the model and DJ about all of the drama on season 1 of Bravo's latest hit, including the evolution of her friendship with co-star Jasmine Cooper (and where they stand now), her dynamic with Jasmine's husband, Silas, and her thoughts on his fight with Bria. They also discuss various men in the house pursuing Jordan romantically, what she thinks about all of the house votes that have happened and how being in front of cameras has impacted her friend group.

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: Who was sort of driving that ship of like, let's have these votes? And what do you make of it kind of maybe with some space from the house?

JORDAN EMANUEL: I mean, the votes were led by the hosts, the Coopers. I think when it comes to Mariah in particular or Bria, it's like, if we're making the rule that we can't touch each other, then unfortunately that meant that Mariah-- you know what I mean? At the simplest line, that's just what it means. You know, was there room to-- yeah. But if Bria is saying, I'm uncomfortable, then what?


JORDAN EMANUEL: So I think that's where that came from. As far as Bria's next moves, the votes are getting a little tired.


JORDAN EMANUEL: But, you know, I understand that it's like when you've got 12, 11, 10 people, we can't sit there and debate all day. So, you know, a conclusion has to include all of us. And I guess it's the most effective way to get to the nitty gritty.