‘Suits’ Is Now the Most-Streamed Show of All Time Over a Single Year

Suits is now the most-streamed show of all time over the course of a single year. Nielsen released its list of the top 10 most-streamed shows of 2023, with USA’s lightweight legal dramedy topping the ranks.

Suits amassed 57.7 billion minutes of combined viewing across Netflix and Peacock last year alone, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s the highest year-end total recorded in the four-year history of Nielsen’s streaming totals. It tops the previous record, held by NBC’s The Office, which claimed 57.17 billion minutes of combined viewing in 2020.

The Office set a record during the final year it was licensed to stream on Netflix in North America. Analysts say Suits’ streaming success is due to a similar licensing agreement, which sees it streamed through several services at once. Since the beginning of 2024, Suits has also been picked up to stream on Prime Video, indicating this year’s numbers could be even more inflated.

Nielsen reports that 4.6 billion of Suits’ minutes came from 25 weeks near the start of 2023 when the show was exclusively streaming on Peacock. The series then picked up additional momentum over the summer when it was simultaneously made available on Netflix, generating 53.1 billion minutes between both services.

The success was so unprecedented it sparked a comment from former co-star Meghan Markle, who called the bump in viewership “wild.”

In October, following the unexpected streaming success, creator Aaron Korsh announced production on a new Suits series. However, it reportedly features “new characters in a new location,” per Deadline, and is “not a revival or reboot.”

Series stars Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, and Gina Torres seemed to tease the possibility of a proper reboot of the original series during an appearance at the Golden Globes earlier this month. “If I got the phone call, I’d be ready to suit up again,” Adams said on the red carpet. “I loved the show, I loved the character and I loved working with all these people.”