This Suggestive Skeleton Couple Inflatable Might Get Mixed Feedback This Halloween

skeleton couple inflatable yard decor
This Skeleton Inflatable Is Quite Divisive

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Some Halloween decorations are scary. Some are cute. And some are... divisive. The latter is one you could use to describe GOOSH’s Skeleton Couple Inflatable. This Halloween piece has received mixed reviews on Amazon, with some reviewers very much not liking it and others noting that the people around them aren't happy with it. So now we ask you: Is this decoration too inappropriate to display on your lawn?

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Skeleton Couple Halloween Inflatable


The inflatable features what looks to be a lady skeleton straddling a fellow skeleton, and we'll be honest, it's pretty obvious what's going on there. While some people enjoy a little of this raunchy humor on Halloween, others have found this inflatable to be inappropriate. Either way, prepare for folks to be taking pics of it all season long.

"This is sturdy and easy to blow up. I see people all day stopping to photograph them," one buyer wrote on Amazon. "The people either loved it or hated it. I couldn't get over the amount of [people] in my neighborhood who took pictures with this and of this.
One person even went as far as to tell me I need to look within myself," another wrote.

Its size doesn’t help these skeleton lovers’ case either. It stands (or lays back) at 5.5 feet and comes with LED lights built inside, so it’ll light up all night long — which may or may not be the thing you want when there’s a sex scene basically happening on your front lawn.

That said, one Amazon reviewer found a way to rig up this inflatable to make it more romantic and less raunchy. "I used some string to kind of position her head more up and to tether their legs to the banister so they wouldn’t get blown around," this reviewer wrote. "It made them look like they were always dancing, which was really neat."

If this Halloween inflatable is too risqué for your quiet, family-oriented neighborhood, you might want to opt for these PG ones instead. But hey, if you want to buy it, it’s available on Amazon for $60.

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