Suggestion for Bringing Back a Runaway Indoor Cat Is Brilliant

Not a bad idea to keep this tip handy, just in case.

As pet owners, we try everything in our power to keep our fur babies safe. But the sad reality is that sometimes, they get out and run away. It’s one of the scariest things anyone ever has to experience. We wouldn't wish it on anyone.

If you ever have to go through the heartbreak of your indoor cat running away, TikTok user @mika.the.fluffy made a very brilliant suggestion that could potentially lure them back home. Now, we’re not guaranteeing this will work, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Check it out!

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Wow! We’ve never heard of this before! For starters, we hope no one ever has to try this trick because that would mean a cat did run away and we definitely don’t want that. But if there is ever an instance your cat did run away, why not test it out and hope for the best?

There were mixed reactions in the comment section to this tip. Some absolutely loved the idea, while others warned about doing this. “This is literally the only thing that brought my cat back after missing for two days,” said @oliviaduball. Aww! We’re so happy to hear that it worked for this TikToker. @444bean added, “This is how I found my cat after she got out for a whole day!” Yay! Another success story!

“We were told NEVER to do this! Other animals will go to the bathroom in it and that will scare them away! I was told to put your dirty laundry out,” said @momqueen805. That’s another new trick we haven’t heard of before. If you don’t want to try the litter box, dirty laundry might do the trick!

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