Succulent Christmas Trees Are the Cutest Alternative for Small Spaces

Isabel Garcia
·1 min read
Photo credit: Etsy/ TerracottaCornerFL/RileysOasis
Photo credit: Etsy/ TerracottaCornerFL/RileysOasis

From Prevention

Calling all plant lovers with lots of holiday cheer and small living spaces! Just because you don’t have a ton of room at home doesn’t mean you can't have a festive Christmas tree: Instead of a traditional tree, why not deck out your home with a succulent Christmas tree this year?

As the name suggests, succulent Christmas trees are succulents arranged in the form of a Christmas tree. Since there are so many types of succulents and lots of creative makers and brands, there are a variety of succulent Christmas trees available for purchase on places like Etsy. And if you’re crafty, you can also DIY a succulent tree.

Ideal for tabletops, mantels, coffee tables, and even the smallest of surfaces, these compact trees won’t take up much space. But just because they’re small compared to typical Christmas trees doesn’t mean they can’t be as festive. Some come with stars on top and others feature small Christmas lights.

As with standard Christmas trees, you can opt for real or artificial succulent Christmas tress depending on your preference. And while artificial succulents, of course, require no upkeep, trees made with real succulent are still low-maintenance. Either way, you won’t have to vacuum needles every week or arrange then pack up artificial branches when the holiday season ends.

Want to try this adorable Christmas decor trend? We’ve rounded up our favorite succulent Christmas trees on Etsy below, from star-topped trees with real succulents to faux trees with Christmas lights.

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