‘Succession’ Star Kieran Culkin Stuns Fans After Making Shocking Confession About the Finale

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Kieran Culkin Shares 'Succession' ConfessionTwitter
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Kieran Culkin may be a big-time actor with multiple awards, but it turns out, the man behind Roman Roy is more like us than you might think.

Ahead of the Succession star winning an Emmy at the January 15 ceremony, he spoke to Variety's Marc Malkin about the show ending after four seasons. During the interview, Kieran surprised Marc by revealing a shocking confession about the show: He shared how he never watched the final episode of Succession, along with a totally relatable reason for why.

"I haven't seen the last episode yet," Kieran revealed to Marc, who was shocked by the admission.

"Wait, you haven't seen the last episode?" Marc responded while taken aback. "Why not?"

"It was a thing," Kieran answered. "I had to go work in Poland right as it was going to air, and I couldn't sign in to my HBO Max account."

Marc appeared flabbergasted, and even asked Kieran why he never contacted HBO to send him an advance screening of the series finale before it premiered in May 2023. As the actor explained, he had a lot going on at the time that inhibited him from getting access to his streaming account.

"I could have, but I was also shooting," he added. "Then I went from that to a month-long vacation. At that point, it was three months... I got two young kids. It's really hard to find time."

When fans took note of Kieran's unexpected Succession woes, they couldn't help but comment about it online.

"He's prob still in denial, like some of us," one person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). "Babe, you can be honest and say you're not ready for closure 😭 Love him for this tbh," another agreed. "He's Roman Roy in real life, still this is amazing," a different follower added.

Honestly, same!

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