33 "Succession" Tweets About The Series Finale That Are So Good (And Some Are So Funny)

🚨 There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Succession Season 4, Episode 10! 🚨

Well, Succession — which will honestly go down as one of the best TV series of all time — came to an end this week. And, oh my god, what a finale.

Kendall, Shiv, and Roman Roy sitting across from each other outdoors
Sarah Shatz / HBO

This week's series finale, titled "With Open Eyes," which was directed by Mark Mylod and written by Jesse Armstrong, focused on Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Shiv (Sarah Snook) reaching the end and deciding to band together to keep control of the company.

The three siblings

We got some happy moments among the trio, which honestly may be my absolute favorite scene with them in the whole series, before everything came crashing down.

The three siblings having fun in their mother's kitchen

However, after the Roy siblings decided that Kendall would take over as CEO, the vote did not go as planned when Shiv had second thoughts, and she ultimately voted in favor of the Matsson deal.

Shiv telling Kendall that she loves him but she "cannot fucking stomach" him

In the end, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) came out on top as the CEO, with Shiv sadly beside him; Kendall ended up with nothing; and Roman seemed content with finally getting out.

Tom and Shiv touching hands in the car, Kendall sitting in the park, and Roman having a drink in the bar

It was a roller coaster of an episode from start to finish, so to express all of their feelings for this final episode, fans took to Twitter to make some A+ commentary, memes, and more. Here's a look at some of the best tweets about Succession Season 4, Episode 10:

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Jesse Armstrong, you magnificent bastard. #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/fNNpumKDny

— THEE Empress (@divineempress78) May 29, 2023

@divineempress78 / Wikipedia / Via Twitter: @divineempress78


“Tell Cersei I want her to know it was me.” #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/TU8c7EuDMa

— Jacque Schrag (@jnschrag) May 29, 2023

@jnschrag / HBO / Via Twitter: @jnschrag


“I AM THE ELDEST BOY” is an all-timer

— Chris Evangelista (@cevangelista413) May 29, 2023

@cevangelista413 / Via Twitter: @cevangelista413


"Often father and daughter look down on mother (woman) together. They exchange meaningful glances when she misses a point. They agree that she is not bright as they are, cannot reason as they do. This collusion does not save the daughter from the mother’s fate" #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/RCFlpP8Yac

— Jocelyn (IWTV era)🫀 (Taika's #369 fan) (@saiphetbet) May 29, 2023

@saiphetbet / HBO / Via Twitter: @saiphetbet


always an angel, never a god #Succession pic.twitter.com/K7JFO1ejnN

— َ (@cuntgates) May 29, 2023

@cuntgates / HBO / Via Twitter: @cuntgates


how to lose a company in 10 days starring kendall, roman, and shiv

— meg succession text posts (@successtextpost) May 29, 2023

@successtextpost / Via Twitter: @successtextpost


Forever and always property of Tom Wambsgans#Succession#SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/YPd6BNN4XU

— mark (@marksiembida) May 29, 2023

@marksiembida / HBO / Via Twitter: @marksiembida


we've been wambsgansed. a tragic ending but brilliantly made.#Succession #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/4yN0XbzeRR

— loose juice (@greenlife497) May 29, 2023

@greenlife497 / HBO / Via Twitter: @greenlife497


HBO has done it again #Succession pic.twitter.com/jfzN0DKgqK

— acaciasurescha (@acaciasurescha) May 29, 2023

@acaciasurescha / HBO / Almay / Via Twitter: @acaciasurescha


“Im the eldest boy!” #Succession #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/F9ip5d4FcE

— Auntie Rach (@raegay218) May 29, 2023

@raegay218 / Via Twitter: @raegay218


the shiv poster with tom reflect in her back being the biggest spoiler of the finale #SuccessionHBO #Succession pic.twitter.com/MEmMDCQOLG

— lin (@lisaIaoshi) May 29, 2023

@lisaIaoshi / HBO / Via Twitter: @lisaIaoshi


Roman at his mom’s house #SuccessionHBO #Succession pic.twitter.com/XJ29sCcLRU

— Kenny (@kennysroys) May 29, 2023

@kennysroys / Disney / Via Twitter: @kennysroys


One last Kendall Roy water moment to end all Kendall Roy water moments #Succession pic.twitter.com/oyrTaniqvt

— Will Rainbolt (@willajrainbolt) May 29, 2023

@willajrainbolt / HBO / Via Twitter: @willajrainbolt


HBO i can’t believe you did this to me TWICE #Succession #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/CFS427ys42

— maria olívia (@mariaxolivia) May 29, 2023

@mariaxolivia / HBO / Almay / Via Twitter: @mariaxolivia


This man is responsible for the sexiest hand flex in cinematic history AND the most pathetic hand hold that has ever been on television. THE RANGE! pic.twitter.com/V373kebA3B

— Toby Herman (@tobyherman27) May 29, 2023

@tobyherman27 / Focus Features / HBO / Via Twitter: @tobyherman27


#Succession #SuccessionHBO Kendall was told he couldn’t be CEO because he wasn’t a killer and then because he was 😭 pic.twitter.com/TYYOBdykqK

— Nicole Abarca Powell (@MyCouchHasADent) May 29, 2023

@MyCouchHasADent / HBO / Via Twitter: @MyCouchHasADent


watching the siblings play like little kids in their mom's kitchen vs watching the last 20 minutes of the finale #succession pic.twitter.com/YBZElinLL8

— maria (@klerolajn) May 29, 2023

@klerolajn / Bravo / Via Twitter: @klerolajn


“Information, Greg. It’s like a bottle of fine wine. You store it, you hoard it, you save it for a special occasion. And then you smash someone’s fucking face in with it.” -Tom Wambsgans, CEO #succession pic.twitter.com/Fno5oVG5l9

— Aaron Lavine (@Aaron_Lavine) May 29, 2023

@Aaron_Lavine / HBO / Via Twitter: @Aaron_Lavine


Shiv having to re-live her mother’s life.Roman melancholic Smile because he was free from all of that.The last shot with Ken and the bodyguard : the two men who lived *for* Logan, wandering around and having nothing lined up…wow#SuccessionHBO I will miss u

— Bea (@beajeweled1408) May 29, 2023

@beajeweled1408 / Via Twitter: @beajeweled1408


i am utterly broken for my number one boy, but it makes sense dramaturgically. #Succession #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/towFWKT7Vj

— loose juice (@greenlife497) May 29, 2023

@greenlife497 / HBO / Via Twitter: @greenlife497


Even when messed up and hard to digest, Shiv Roy made a smart move. Questionable, yes, but her choice. She wasn’t gonna win either way and had to pick up her villain. Shiv chose to be a Lady Macbeth. Jesse Armstrong, you filthy genius. #SuccessionFinale #Succession pic.twitter.com/ruxmxZ4nC8

— v (@StarcoVision) May 29, 2023

@StarcoVision / HBO / Via Twitter: @StarcoVision


shiv: “i changed my mind” kendall: #Succession #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/u6NB42nbDi

— kathleen (@kathleen_hanley) May 29, 2023

@kathleen_hanley / NBC / Via Twitter: @kathleen_hanley


this happiness was so short lived oh im gonna be sick #succession pic.twitter.com/oIb49nmHRW

— kie (@criminalplaza) May 29, 2023

@criminalplaza / HBO / Via Twitter: @criminalplaza


Everyone in the succession finale: pic.twitter.com/69hcTCn8Eg

— Nats (@NatSoMuch) May 29, 2023

@NatSoMuch / HBO / Via Twitter: @NatSoMuch


fired twice, and she’s still standing. Gerri Kellman will always stay winning. #Succession pic.twitter.com/WwzsSUT2Hy

— holly 🌙 (@hollylottie88) May 29, 2023

@hollylottie88 / HBO / Via Twitter: @hollylottie88


It's easy to say that everybody lost, but when the dust settles, Roman will be the most fine. Kendall had it right: he didn't want it; he only wanted it because his father set that expectation in his abuse cycle. That smile is the tell. He is free (and filthy rich). #Succession pic.twitter.com/JzZBF2jU57

— Brandon Lewis (@blewis1103) May 29, 2023

@blewis1103 / HBO / Via Twitter: @blewis1103


Tom Wambsgans, the First of His Name, King of Waystar Royco, Protector of ATN, Fucker of the Odd Peasant, Khaleesi of St. Paul Minnesota, Hater of the Ludicrously Capacious Bag, the Breaker of Greggs. #Succession #SuccesionHBO pic.twitter.com/d5vlJ1CvxE

— Jamie Jirak (@JamieCinematics) May 29, 2023

@JamieCinematics / HBO / Via Twitter: @JamieCinematics


roman finally free from the life he was living to please his dad, shiv holding onto tom and therefore some power meanwhile kendall was left with NOTHING. no company no wife no kids no allies . SOMEBODY FUCKING SEDATE ME #succession pic.twitter.com/MWDPRnREta

— shauna (@wednesdaysadums) May 29, 2023

@wednesdaysadums / A24 / Via Twitter: @wednesdaysadums


ngl i gasped out loud like a victorian damsel when greg slapped tom back 😭 #Succession pic.twitter.com/tRFVaLzVh0

— nicole 🦇 (@romulusroy69) May 29, 2023

@romulusroy69 / HBO / Via Twitter: @romulusroy69


can we talk about roman ordering a martini…gerri’s drink of choice…what if i cried #succession pic.twitter.com/2PWKclLvK4

— nina♡ (@ninafeelz) May 29, 2023

@ninafeelz / HBO / Via Twitter: @ninafeelz


karolina stepping on hugo's neck on the way to the finish line!!! #Succession pic.twitter.com/3KQ2VPG6Ea

— jess (@jessguida) May 29, 2023

@jessguida / HBO / Via Twitter: @jessguida


Shiv having the same fate as her mom, I'm sick to my stomach #Succession #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/w3dAmXyfHr

— lizz || Kendall Roy's apologist ||メ𝟶 (@lizziessera) May 29, 2023

@lizziessera / HBO / Via Twitter: @lizziessera


you know what's the worst of all? the relationship between the roy siblings is totally broken, beyond repair and to see that happen after scenes that showed so much affection and intimacy between them... it was hard#Succession #SuccessionHBO pic.twitter.com/b3bHEVfzHe

— amy jurídico shiv roy (@goldustwomxn) May 29, 2023

@goldustwomxn / HBO / Via Twitter: @goldustwomxn

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