The Penultimate Episode Of "Succession" Just Aired, And Here Are 31 Of The Best Reactions To Everything

🚨 There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Succession Season 4, Episode 9! 🚨

Well, Succession — arguably one of the best TV dramas in recent years — is approaching its series finale, and to say things have gotten more chaotic than ever before would be an understatement.

Three of the Roy siblings standing together and having drinks
David M. Russell / HBO

This week's penultimate episode, titled "Church and State," which was directed by Mark Mylod and written by Jesse Armstrong, focused on Logan Roy's (Brian Cox) funeral, the fallout of ATN calling the election for Jeryd Mencken (Justin Kirk), and so much more.

Three of the Roy siblings at the funeral with their mother
Macall Polay / HBO

Namely, we got an absolutely outstanding performance from Kieran Culkin when Roman finally broke down over Logan's death right before he was supposed to give his eulogy.

Kieran as Roman sobbing and asking if his father is in his casket and "can we get him out?"

Then, because this is Succession, we had other amazing moments, like Ewan Roy's (James Cromwell) speech about his brother and all of Logan's wives and girlfriends sitting front and center at the funeral.

James as Ewan and Logan's women sitting in the pew
Macall Polay / HBO

Basically this was, once again, a knockout episode of Succession, and it set up what is sure to be a memorable series finale next week.

Kendall Roy giving Logan's eulogy
Macall Polay / HBO

So to express their love for this penultimate episode, fans — like me — took to Twitter to make some A+ commentary, memes, and more. Here's a look at some of the best tweets about Succession Season 4, Episode 9:

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— succession lockdown (@JOELSMILLRR) May 22, 2023



You know a show is bound to become a classic when every episode you keep telling yourself cast members have new clips to show off at the Emmys. My god is Kieran Culkin killing it this season of #Succession!

— Edgar Ortega (@edgorteg) May 22, 2023

@edgorteg / HBO / Via Twitter: @edgorteg


Dear Lord this is why I can never hate Roman Roy even though he literally caused me war flashbacks last episode #Succession #successionhbo

— Summer (@sumlyn_7) May 22, 2023

@sumlyn_7 / HBO / Via Twitter: @sumlyn_7



— seth | succession spoilers (@pqdres) May 22, 2023

@pqdres / HBO / Via Twitter: @pqdres


“is he in there?” Roman’s grief finally showing… Kieran Culkin we will get you that Emmy too, my god this moment #succession

— Nora Dominick (@noradominick) May 22, 2023

Nora Dominick / HBO / Via Twitter: @noradominick


“He’s gone…really gone.”Gerri:#Succession #SuccessionHBO

— Kenny (@kennysroys) May 22, 2023

@kennysroys / Bravo / Via Twitter: @kennysroys


this moment between all of Logan’s ex wives was so, so, so well done, and I love that it ended with a joke only the four of them could appreciate “At least he won’t grind his teeth tonight.”#Succession

— Spencer Althouse (@SpencerAlthouse) May 22, 2023

Spencer Althouse / HBO / Via Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse


that breakdown scene with roman and all the siblings….. I can’t #Succession #SuccessionHBO

— Kyle (obsessed with Succession) Sandino (@KyleSandino) May 22, 2023

@KyleSandino / Cape Cod Theater Project / Via


RIP to every other show competing at the emmys this year, truly #succession

— danica (@faultsbylies) May 22, 2023

@faultsbylies / HBO / Via Twitter: @faultsbylies


all of logan's ladies unionizing and sitting front row for his funeral i'm cackling #succession

— bug (@inkbugfic) May 22, 2023

@inkbugfic / HBO / Via Twitter: @inkbugfic


Logan Roy’s main chicks and side chicks all getting together at his funeral. Feminism is alive and well in this universe #Succession #SuccessionHBL

— Wasi (@iWasii) May 22, 2023

@iWasii / HBO / Via Twitter: @iWasii


Caroline lining up all of Logan’s exes like a messy bitch that lives for chaos I can’t even lie I’m loving it #Succession

— Jade (@wantauroras) May 22, 2023

@wantauroras / Via Twitter: @wantauroras



— Jhony (@Jhonyr13_) May 22, 2023

@Jhonyr13_ / ABC / Via Twitter: @Jhonyr13_


Watching Jess quit on #Succession

— Gibson Johns (@gibsonoma) May 22, 2023

@gibsonoma / Bravo / Via Twitter: @gibsonoma


roman saying ‘is he in there? get him out’ in the voice of a small child BROKE ME. give kieran culkin that emmy immediately !!!!!! #succession

— shauna (@wednesdaysadums) May 22, 2023

@wednesdaysadums / Dove Cameron / Via Twitter: @wednesdaysadums


this sequence...shiv acknowledging the unique difficulty of being logan’s daughter, the cut to karolina and gerri after “he was hard on women,” then the shift in focus to kendall, who spent the morning taking a wrecking ball to some of his most important relationships with women

— rachel | succession spoilers (@princekendalll) May 22, 2023

@princekendalll / HBO / Via Twitter: @princekendalll


Matsson isn’t fooling me. He said he can make “a US CEO work” not he can make “you the US CEO”. Shiv is getting played again!! #SuccessionHBO #Succession

— ♉️ alien superstar 👽😈 (@RobynDMarley_) May 22, 2023

@RobynDMarley_ / HBO / Via Twitter: @RobynDMarley_


The way shiv, Conner, and Kendall Roy got up immediately after Roman Roy asked them for them too. God this scene had me sobbing my eyes out. Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, Jeremy Strong, and Alan Ruck deserve all the awards🤧😭👏🏽 Logan Roy rest in pieces #Succession #successionHbo

— 𝙶𝚒𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎✖️✖️//💥⏳🥀🐉 (@giselleb1234) May 22, 2023

@giselleb1234 / HBO / Via Twitter: @giselleb1234


Yes, yes, Shiv Kendall & Roman are all awful & consistently trying to stab each other in the back. And yet when one of them is in a true time of need, all the barriers, all the pretenses fall & there’s just 3 deeply damaged people wanting to help each other #Succession

— Paige (@_samepaige_) May 22, 2023

@_samepaige_ / HBO / Via Twitter: @_samepaige_


the worst part about roman breaking down like that is that massive fucking screen they had up on the side, so EVERYBODY just saw rome at his most vulnerable i’m gonna be sick #Succession

— becs (@sundownbec) May 22, 2023

@sundownbec / CNN / Via Twitter: @sundownbec



— 🐉Erica⁵⁵🏎 | Roman Roy Era (@fcbformulaEri) May 22, 2023

@fcbformulaEri / HBO / Via Twitter: @fcbformulaEri


what roman wanted greg to do when ewan got up to speak at the funeral #Succession #SuccessionHBO

— kathleen (@kathleen_hanley) May 22, 2023

@kathleen_hanley / Via Twitter: @kathleen_hanley


ewan showing up at logan’s funeral and sayijg “it’s not for me to judge my brothers actions. history will do it for him”#SuccessionHBO

— zoë begins 🪴 (@filmsbyzoe) May 22, 2023

@filmsbyzoe / Instagram / Via Twitter: @filmsbyzoe


One of the BEST scenes in all of Succession.James Cromwell DOMINATED that scene, and it was clear that everyone (especially the kids) got to know more about Logan in death than they ever did in life.Truly fantastic. #Succession #SuccessionHBO

— Sare 💘 (@RoseNyborg) May 22, 2023

@RoseNyborg / Via Twitter: @RoseNyborg


what a performance from Kieran Culkin, man. To finally see Roman not just break, but shatter in public after four straight seasons of his fake bravado—I’m glad Jesse Armstrong made us wait for it.

— Cat Cardenas (@catrcardenas) May 22, 2023

@catrcardenas / HBO / Via Twitter: @catrcardenas


The way I was on my knees begging for Gerri to touch Roman’s shoulder for one tiny fragment of a second #successionHBO

— Liz (@Lizwontcry) May 22, 2023

@Lizwontcry / Via Twitter: @Lizwontcry


shiv will never run out of chances for tom she really just loves him at the end of the day

— jay | succession spoilers (@kendallhosseini) May 22, 2023

@kendallhosseini / HBO / Via Twitter: @kendallhosseini


logan will never know if he actually gave rose polio and shiv will never know how bad her dad was and roman will never know if he heard that voicemail and kendall will never know if he actually liked him. and it all continues

— grace (@amandayoungdyke) May 22, 2023

@amandayoungdyke / Via Twitter: @amandayoungdyke


Tonight’s another showcase as to why Kendall Roy has always been the true successor to the Roy Empire. Add it to the list. #Succession

— Giovanni Lago (@TheGiovanniLago) May 22, 2023

@TheGiovanniLago / HBO / Via Twitter: @TheGiovanniLago


roman purposefully went into that crowd because he’s never felt like more of a fuck up; when he fucked up as a kid his dad beat him so when his dad isn’t there he provokes strangers to punish him because that’s all he ever feels like he deserves #SuccessionHBO

— edy (@romanshivs) May 22, 2023

@romanshivs / Via Twitter: @romanshivs

31. And finally:

Kieran Culkin in this episode:

— Rohita Kadambi (@RohitaKadambi) May 22, 2023

@RohitaKadambi / HBO / Via Twitter: @RohitaKadambi

What did you think of the penultimate episode of Succession? Tell us everything in the comments below!