18 Tweets Showing The Apocalyptic Flooding In New York City Last Night

Torrential rains from Tropical Storm Ida pounded the New York City metropolitan area Wednesday night, forcing the National Weather Service to issue a Flash Flood Emergency for the city for the first time in history.

1.Floodwaters poured into subway stations across the city.

2.Stairs turned into waterfalls...

3....and "geysers" erupted seemingly out of nowhere.

Here's a closer look at the 28th Street station.

4.Aboveground, the situation was equally terrifying. This city bus flooded, forcing riders to stand on seats inside.

5.Apartments were inundated.

6.It looked as if it was raining inside this apartment building.

7.Ida brought untold damage to city infrastructure and apartments alike.

8.Newark Airport looked as if it had "a swimming pool."

9.The baggage area at the airport was flooded too.

10.Trash bags floated down the street...

11....as the streets themselves turned into rivers.

12.This video of a food delivery person walking their bike through floodwaters went immediately viral.

13.Nearly every borough was impacted, from the Bronx...

14....to Queens...

15....to Brooklyn.

16.Ditto for the expressway that connects Brooklyn and Queens.

17."The outfield is underwater at [Yankee] Stadium," someone wrote on Twitter.

18.It's the second time in two weeks that the city has experienced flash flooding caused by tropical storms.