Subway customer baffles employees with ‘unreal’ sandwich order: ‘Y’all don’t get paid enough for this’

A Subway customer is turning plenty of heads online with her “unreal” sandwich order.

For the past several months, Subway customers have been going viral for their bizarre requests. Whether it’s by asking for cookie crumbs on their subs or having their bread toasted to a crisp, patrons of the fast food chain seem to have a way of freaking out the internet.

Now, thanks to a video by TikTok user @immommyanddaddy2, we may have our strangest order yet. Her clip, seemingly filmed behind the counter at Subway, shows a customer asking for a lot of one specific item.

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That item appears to be some kind of orange sauce (possibly the Chipotle Southwest dressing? But I’m no expert). The customer, an unnamed woman, is shown continuously asking for more.

“Drown my sandwich,” the customer says in the clip. “It needs to be oozing … yes, more.”

The woman proceeds to ask for even more sauce on her sandwich, to the point where the bottle is basically empty. The sandwich, meanwhile, is covered in orange sauce.

TikTok users seemed freaked out by the woman’s order — and even more freaked out by how she ordered it.

“Why was she talking like that,” one user wrote.

“I would’ve charged her extra,” another added.

“Y’all don’t get paid enough for this,” another wrote.

“This has to be a joke,” another theorized.

Several commenters suggested that the woman may have been pulling a prank — which is pretty common by Subway customers on TikTok. However, others, some of whom claimed to be Subway employees themselves, said they’d have similar customer interactions.

Either way, the video has racked up more than 5.5 million views so far. As for the sandwich, we may never know if the woman actually ate it.

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