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You can get almost nothing for $1.60. My daughter, who earns 50 cents a week doing chores, faces this reality every time she goes to the drugstore with her meager savings. But right now, we're offering you something extraordinary for less than $1.60: an issue of Esquire magazine. It's part of a special subscription offer available right now.

Here's what you'll get in every issue: award-winning feature writing, essays from the world's greatest writers that will make you think and laugh and maybe get good and angry, style advice and inspiration, rules for living (Be the guy who orders nachos for the group), and more. The magazine comes directly to your home, or bunker, or office, or P.O. box—your call—so you'll have a piping hot* issue of Esquire magazine in your hands.

Thanks for reading. See you in print.

Michael Sebastian, editor-in-chief

*the issue will likely be room temperature.

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