How To Style Retro Fashion Trends With A 2020 Twist

Kristen Bousquet
·1 min read

Fashion is a pretty funny thing. One minute you’re rocking a certain trend 24/7, but as time goes by, the look fades out and you can’t fathom ever wearing it again. Then, 10—maybe 20—years later, you find yourself ordering said trend off of your favorite websites to sport around town and on the ‘Gram. Sooner or later, pretty much all retro fashion trends end up becoming cool again. It’s the circle of style!

Sometimes you see a completely laughable trend from a decade you weren’t even alive during, and wonder how it was ever cool—but all it takes is a modern-day twist on that trend on your favorite sites like ASOS, Revolve and Lulus to make you rethink...

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