Stuffed Chicken Is The Way To Go When You Want to Change Up Your Nightly Meals

Who knew this would be so easy to make?

Video Transcript


RONI PROTER: I want to show you how easy spinach and goat cheese stuffed chicken can be. So I'm just going to cut a pocket. You see how we just created a beautiful little pocket right there? I'm going to take some fresh spinach and stuff it inside. Goat cheese-- just going to tuck it in. And finally, a little sun-dried tomato.

I'm going to take a skewer and skewer my chicken. Pat it down into some flour. And now I'm using the top of the breast side down. Yes.

All right, so I'm going to continue cooking this in the oven for just a minute so that the inside cooks as well as the outside. And look at that gorgeous, creamy surprise filling. So the flour on the top not only gives it that crusty crunch, but it really helps seal in the moisture so this chicken is just perfectly cooked. And that filling is out of this world.