New Study Lists Most Expensive Place for Dog Owners to Live

A new study published August August 15 by MarketWatch ranked the states for the most expensive and least expensive places to own a dog. Every dog owners knows where the care and feeding of their canine companions adds up, but some states are more reasonable when it comes to owning a furry forever friend.

Check out the following and see where your state ranks.

According to a recent study by the MarketWatch Guides team, the average U.S. dog owner spends about $28,800 on a dog over the pet’s lifetime. But where you live is a huge factor in how much you spend on your four-legged family member.

The top three states where you'll spend the most on Spot?

California with the average cost of $35,452

New York: $34,248

Massachusetts: $33,318

The top three least expensive rank as:

Oklahoma: $24,855

Mississippi: $25,104

Indiana: $25,479

Go hoosiers!

The lifetime ownership costs broke down between upfront costs (Things like puppy costs including first vaccinations and spaying/neutering costs)  and long-term costs, like pet food, toys and treats, boarding costs and annual vet checkups.

It all comes down to the simple fact that owning a dog is expensive, and before you get a dog you need to consider if you can actually afford a dog. A lot of times dogs are surrendered to shelters due to income loss and home instability.

None of this should deter you from giving a dog a forever home. The majority of shelters include spay and neuter costs in the fee to adopt a dog. If you adopt a shelter puppy they usually have their initial vaccinations. There are many budget-friendly dog foods that are perfectly healthy for your pup to eat. Dogs don't need expensive toys, and most dogs are perfectly happy with daily walks, a tennis ball to fetch, and lots of love and affection from their owners.

Owning a dog should be a lifetime commitment. It should also be one that potential dog owners consider when looking at their finances. You may need to budget in terms of where you spend, I mean, those daily trips to Starbucks add up and do you really need another streaming service?

Take it from me, the love and joy you get from adding a dog to your home is way better than binge-watching basically anything.

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