High school students arrested for lacing teacher's drink with household cleaner

Two teens have reportedly admitted lacing their teacher's drink with Krud Kutter. (Photo: Home Depot)
Two teens have reportedly admitted lacing their teacher's drink with Krud Kutter. (Photo: Home Depot)

A pair of high school students are accused of slipping a degreaser into their teacher’s drink.

As local news outlet KATC reports, two 17-year-old juniors at Eunice High School in Eunice, Louisiana, were arrested after a fellow student alerted police to their prank, footage of which was reportedly posted on Snapchat. While a male student recorded the incident on his phone and kept an eye out for the unidentified teacher, who had left the classroom, a female classmate tipped a household cleaner into the teacher’s cup.

The substance has been identified as Krud Kutter, a concentrated alkaline cleaner, degreaser and stain remover. According to Randy Fontenot, chief of the Eunice Police Department, the teacher took a sip of the chemically tainted beverage.

“She did take a taste of it,” he told KATC. “She noticed a strange taste to her beverage. She discarded the rest and didn’t consume anymore. As far as we know, she did not drink or consume enough to effect her health.”

Despite the potential health hazards, the teens, who have reportedly admitted spiking the drink, face felony charges of mingling harmful substances, rather than attempted murder or a more serious charge. They will also not be tried as adults.

“We know it was a harmful substance that was being mixed,” Fontenot explained. “As far as an intent to commit murder or inject serious bodily harm, that we don’t have any proof. We don’t believe that intent was there.”

The teens’ principal, Mitchell Fontenot, has also issued a statement about the investigation.

“We are currently working with Eunice Police Department in investigating this matter,” the statement reads. “Both students have admitted to participating in the incident and have been arrested and charged. St. Landry Parish School Board is still investigating this matter and students will be recommended for expulsion.”

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