'Struggling' Partially Deaf and Blind Shelter Dog in Florida Is Desperate for a Home

Hannah Carl/Shutterstock

There are so many beautiful, loving shelter dogs waiting for their forever home and whenever we see a video of one of these pups we can't help but consider flying across the county to give them a loving, forever home.

That's absolutely the case of a Florida shelter dog named Osa who is partially deaf, partially blind, and 100% adorable. Just check out this baby!

The sweet video, shared by the TikTok account for @peggyadamsarl, shows how much personality sweet Osa has! What an awesome pet he would make someone! TikTok users agree and @Amy comments, "I have a deaf dog… never afraid of storms, skateboards or other barkers and sleeps like a rock." Another person says, "Sweet baby, good luck. You’re so sweet and perfect."

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@Lois replies, "OSA!! Your forever family will love you you are so cute." @Bea responds, "I have a fully blind cat and I promise you it isn’t a disability for them please someone adopt him."

That is absolutely true. Blind and deaf dogs make absolutely wonderful pets and can go on to live completely happy long lives. You need to make sure you always leash them when on walks and remove any obstructions from their environment but they will adapt to your home perfectly.

Here's hoping this precious pup finds a forever home soon with all the love he deserves. if you are interested in filling out an application for sweet Osa, you can do so here.

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