Struggling With Your Work From Home Space? Marie Kondo Has a Few Simple Tips

If your work from home space has gradually transformed into a work-from-just-about-every-room-in-your-home space, it may be time to consider properly organizing your office space. And as always, Marie Kondo is to the rescue with expert advice on keeping your home office organized.

According to Architectural Digest, Kondo's book "Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life" includes a few gems on that particular topic. Kondo first delves into the why regarding tidying and organizing your work space.

“I like to remind people that tidying is much more than organizing or throwing things away,” Kondo says in her book. “The goal of tidying isn’t just to have a nice clean desk (although that is a bonus!), it is to have a discussion with yourself about what brings you joy at work, your working style, and if your professional goals will ultimately bring you joy and/or if they need to evolve.”

For those who prefer more detailed advice, Kondo suggests the following for your work from home space: “start with the zone that is under your complete control” and “treat tidying your home office separately from tidying the rest of your home."

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