This Stripper Is Going Viral For Sharing Exactly How Much She Makes In A Year, And It's Eye-Opening

Miki All-Brite, aka @mikifromtheclub, is a 29-year-old based in Perth, Australia, and recently she's been going viral on TikTok for sharing an extremely detailed breakdown of what she makes in a year working as an exotic dancer.

Miki wearing blue hair and smiling

In a video that's been viewed over three million times on TikTok, Miki shares a spreadsheet where she tracks every dollar she makes on every night that she works, including which day of the week it was and even what color wig she wore. In the video, she says, "The total I made in this entire year was $98,033," later clarifying, "And I do want to say before you all come at me, yes I do have to pay tax on all of those dollars," explaining that her take-home is more like $80K (about $55K in US dollars).

graph showing Miki's income with a trendline

"I worked a total of 93 days out of the 365 which is about 1.8 days per week, so let's just call it two, say that I took some weeks off. The average amount I made each night that I worked was just over $1,000 which sounds really good, but the scope on that is huge. The worst night I had this year was $65. And the best night I had this year was $3,410. So yeah, when you ask a stripper how much they make, and they go, 'it really depends,' they're not fucking kidding."

spreadsheet section showing she worked 93 days

In the comments, people are praising Miki's detailed record-keeping and loving this inside-look at the often-misunderstood world of sex work.

miki telling a commenter that she gives her spreadsheet template to any girls who want it and another commenter saying this proves sex workers are smart

Many commenters also wanted to know which wig was her biggest money-maker, so Miki shared a follow-up revealing that her fluorescent yellow hair seems to reel in the big bucks. "I don't have to hustle when I wear the fluoro. I have people see me and they go 'Wow, I want a dance with the fluoro girl.'"

Miki wearing her fluorescent wig

And she's done more videos since, sharing how her spreadsheet is set up and the financial steps she's taking with her income to set aside money for the future.

spreadsheet showing her hair color data

Miki told BuzzFeed that she's sharing these videos because she wants to normalize talking about income and compensation. "I really think that people should be more comfortable talking about money and how much they earn. Obviously I understand why they're not, but as a stripper and someone who tracks all my income and has been doing it as long as I have, it's INCREDIBLY useful to have some kind of benchmark to compare yourself against."

Viceland / Via

"There's also a lot of misconceptions and lying about stripping income on social media. I'm sure there are many girls who fake their income to look more impressive. I wanted to showcase my genuine figures to give people a truer idea of what's real (in my country and state at least), and used my spreadsheet to back up my claims. I'm sure there are still people who might doubt me, but it's difficult to fake an entire spreadsheet... especially one as elaborate as mine!"

spreadsheet showing her deductions for costumes parking fees et cetera

She told BuzzFeed that she's been stripping for eight years, and she's currently in school to get a second bachelor's degree in data science and statistics. "I've tracked my income on spreadsheets since the first night I started. I've always been the type of person who likes to archive everything and keep track of my money. Over eight years, I've figured out what types of things I want to keep track of and what averages and statistics I want to see from my data."

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And she says that people have a lot of misconceptions about strippers in general. "People tend to think we become strippers as a last resort, like it's some kind of bottom-of-the-barrel choice you have to make when you can't do anything else. That's such a huge misconception! All the people I've danced with are total badasses absolutely killing it in life. Because stripping can be so lucrative even when only working a few days a week, it frees up so much time and gives you the financial option to pursue business ventures or hobbies or education, if that's what you want to do."

spreadsheet showing her average earnings by day of the week

Finally, Miki says that since she only has to work a couple of days a week, she's able to devote more time to her studies and pursue creative endeavors. "My first bachelor's was in music technology, so I also spend some of my time writing and producing pop music about strippers! I release music under the name 'MIKI'."

You can follow Miki on TikTok and check out her music on Spotify.