Strip Down at the Sexiest Pools in Vegas

Las Vegas pool parties are so chic, they actually have dress codes — no tank tops allowed, guys. Seriously. And leave the baseball hats and sports jerseys at home, too.

Even if you are swim-dressed to impress, you still might not get in.

Like the city’s exclusive nightlife venues, the hottest pool parties on the Strip are for the sexy and the big spenders. Judgment? Well, it’s allowed. After all, not every average Joe off the Strip gets a ticket to a paradise of champagne showers.

But there is a way in. Guarantee yourself access by booking a pricey daybed or cabana. Or give the venue a heads-up on your sure-to-be fabulous and fun group’s arrival via your hotel concierge or by contacting the venue directly. If you wait until the day of, be an early bird and wait in line. Make sure to look the part, and if you’re lucky, you might get to experience the sexiest spots in which to rev up and cool down during daylight.