Strictly Come Dancing couple confirm their relationship

Almost three months after Strictly Come Dancing came to an end, Molly Rainford and Tyler West have confirmed their relationship - and fans CANNOT deal.

The pair, who met during the 2022 season of the BBC dancing competition, took to TikTok to share the news. In the video, they made reference to an iconic scene from Friends, lip-synching to the moment when Rachel and Joey realised that they both knew about Monica and Chandler's secret romance.

"Did you know?" Tyler added in the caption.

The Sun previously speculated that the pair were dating, though the couple haven't responded to the rumours until now. Their source said at the time, "Tyler and Molly get on like a house on fire. They spend a lot of time together when not performing.

"Tyler is always hanging around waiting for Molly when she gets off the coach and they are often seen heading off together away from the group. They are very comfortable which other and it hasn’t gone unnoticed how much they gravitate towards each other."

In response to the confirmation video, fans of Strictly went wild. "Hard launch!" one joked, while another put, "I'm soooo happy for you two."

Tyler, 26, is currently a radio DJ on Kiss FM, while Molly, 22, is a singer and the star of Nova Jones on CBBC.

Congratulations, guys! Very cute.

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