Stria Sport Aims to Shake Up Sneaker Industry

There are more performance footwear companies than ever before, but one is making great strides as of late. Founded in 2021, Stria Sport is an athletic shoe brand committed to delivering top-notch performance footwear.

In 2021, Stria Sport launched its inaugural line, the 107 Series, comprising eight vibrant colorways designed for various court sports. Following this success, it introduced a walk-around/leisure shoe at the close of 2023 called the Easy Stride.

Stria Sport shoes are suitable for various performance sports, including basketball, volleyball, pickleball, tennis, and more, making them ideal for athletic pursuits and leisure activities.

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Crafted by former athletes, Stria shoes are engineered to outperform competitors, earning acclaim as one of the premier choices for basketball and pickleball. Notably, the brand is approved by the NBA and has over 75 professional basketball players sporting its footwear globally, as well as pickleball players.

Stria Sport is excited to announce that it also just rolled out into retail for the first time with Scheels Sporting Goods and other Independent Sporting Goods chains across the country. They had been direct-to-consumer only but launched nationwide with Scheels last month as they felt they were a great partner for expanding the brand.

Based in Chicago, Stria Sport has a championship mentality and is guaranteed to disrupt the sneaker industry in the coming years. Stay tuned to Men's Journal Sneakers for all your footwear news.

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