Stray Mama Dog Steps in to Adopt Abandoned Puppies at Texas Shelter

Sierra Tango/Shutterstock

Although the words 'stray dog' and 'abandoned puppies' are heartbreaking enough to make anyone assume the worst, this story's happy ending proves that dogs' resilience and acceptance can truly make miracles happen. That's not to say that the dogs' journeys toward Happily Ever After were easy, of course, but it sure was worth it to find each other in the end. It was simply meant to be!

This story first came to light in late October when Texas' Fort Bend County Animal Services introduced a litter of abandoned puppies who were being bottle-fed around the clock. A good samaritan and local pet owner offered to lend a helping hand, but that help came in a form no one expected.

It was Nova the Great Pyrenees to the rescue! Just the day before, this mama dog had been found as a stray with no puppies of her own. Her rescuer and foster owner thought she might accept the newborn puppies as her own since she was full of milk with no one to feed... and she was completely right!

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Sweet girl Nova looks so happy to be caring for these tiny puppies! She had clearly been missing her babies, but this is a beautiful Happy Ending for all of the rescue dogs--Mama included. Many commenters noticed just how happy the mama dog looks, too, so it's easy to see why they all went home together.

Naturally, some viewers are concerned about Nova's original puppies. Someone pointed out, "just hope her litter isn't waiting for her somewhere. The mommas usually hide them in a safe place then return to them later." That's true! Unfortunately, this new mom didn't lead her rescuers to any puppies, and none could be found near where she was located. It's a bittersweet situation at Fort Bend County Animal Services, but it's also beautiful to see the ways the Great Pyrenees dog took in her new babies so beautifully.

The puppies went home with Nova and her rescuer--who is now her forever owner! Needless to say, this sweet dog is going to live the good life from now on.

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