Stray Kids’s Hyunjin Is Carrying the Salomon Sneakers Trend Into 2024

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When it comes to style, Hyunjin of Stray Kids has been on a roll. Last month, the K-pop idol debuted a unique new eyebrow piercing. And now, he's been spotted sporting one of the hottest sneakers, Salomons.

On February 9, Hyunjin posted a series of photos to his personal Instagram account. He’s pictured on the beach, likely in the winter because he’s wearing a long puffer coat, hoodie, baseball cap and sweatpants. Underneath the hood and hat, you can catch just a glimpse of his long black hair and new eyebrow piercing. However, this time, the most eye-catching part of the look are the Salomon sneakers.

Launched to viral fame by the trending gorpcore aesthetic, Salomon sneakers became one of the hottest trends of 2023. These shoes became a must-have for any fashion enthusiast, from the average TikTok user to celebrities like Bella Hadid, Rihanna and BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who happens to be somewhat of a sneaker connoisseur.

Some may have thought that gorpcore and the Salomon trend would fizzle out in 2024, especially as softer aesthetics like coquette went viral, but it seems like they might have just been proven wrong.

Thanks to the Stray Kids member, it looks like this trend might be here to stay. Now that Hyunjin is sporting the look, we're sure many will follow in suit. Stray Kids fans, nicknamed STAY, and fashion lovers alike will probably be wearing Salomon sneakers well into 2024.

If you already have a few pairs in your closet, get ready to dust them off and put them to good use, especially as spring approaches. And if you haven’t copped a pair of these coveted shoes yet, then now is your chance! We’ve rounded up a great selection of Salomon sneakers, including styles that are similar to Hyunjin’s and pairs that are on sale, to help you get your collection started.

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