Strawberry Nails Are the Perfect Summer Manicure Trend

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Strawberry nails are all over our feeds these days, but we shouldn't be surprised. From bright-red lacquered lips to “sunburnt” rosy blush, contemporary beauty trends are turning (glossy) red as of late. Such is the case with trending nail art too as nail artists point to sweet strawberry-embellished looks as the up-and-coming manicure moment this summer. 

“Strawberry nails make you feel like you’re on instant vacation mode with the pops of color,” celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann tells Glamour, adding that the style provides the opportunity to use several bright colors together, which is ideal for the summer season. It's no wonder “strawberry nails” have already amassed 28 million views on TikTok, while hashtag #strawberrynails followed closely behind with 8 million.

As for why strawberries are specifically in vogue, as opposed to other types of produce? One theory is that the fruit’s colors are bright and bold while its aesthetic is plump and glazed, wrapping all of this season’s most sought-after trends into one design. The multifruit mani already had its time to shine—remember when Gigi Hadid rocked fruit salad fingertips in 2019?—and nail enthusiasts are gravitating toward pink and red shades as is, says Dazzle Dry director of education Silva Nahabedian. “Berry colored polishes are very in right now,” she says, noting that the strawberry aesthetic is all about having fun with colors that ultimately elevate your mood when you look down at your hands. 

That said, strawberry nails can be modified for a more minimalist aesthetic, adds Brittney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and founder of Nails of L.A. Boyce points to strawberry art atop neutral hues as one example of how. "This way, the strawberry aesthetics is accented, but it doesn’t take over the entire nail,” she says of the style.

Looking for more strawberry nail inspiration? You’re in the right place. Scroll on for 10 strawberry nail designs to try this summer. Get ready to screenshot.

Short & Sweet

This whimsical take on the strawberry design not only is adorable but has a double meaning too: The style resembles both the actual beloved strawberry and a strawberry bonbon candy. Plus, it works on all nail shapes and lengths. To re-create a look like this, Lippmann suggests using a nail dotting tool for the seeds.

Textured Tips

Nail enthusiasts tend to turn to strawberry nail art because of their cute color combination, but the berry's unique texture provides an unforgettable nail opportunity as well. Cop the fruit's finish on your fingertips with this hyper-realistic—and sensory—style.

Strawberry Skin

If you love a textured manicure but would rather go without the green, this design is for you. Simply sport the strawberry's skin, sans stem, on your nails for a bold red mani with a playful twist.


BarbieCore…but make it berry. This hot pink take on the strawberry trend is the ultimate summer style, taking both the BarbieCore and strawberry aesthetic to a whole other level.

French Berries

There's no need to wear berries on every single nail. Some of the most chic designs, such as this part-strawberry, part-French manicure, prove that all it takes is every other—or even just one—nail to make a statement that pops. “You can incorporate strawberries into your French mani for a summer touch, or highlight a few nails with strawberry nail art for that pop but subtle look,” Lippmann says.

Mix & Match

This take on the strawberry trend is giving strong summer picnic vibes, in all the best ways. Mix and match your favorite strawberry designs to re-create the mesmerizing manicure yourself.

Flower Power

If you can't part with your favorite floral nail art, might we suggest a flower-meets-strawberry moment? This sweet style really makes your manicure one with nature, mixing the best of both summer vibes.

Gorgeous Green

Green tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to nail-art renderings of the strawberry, but this green-forward manicure gives the hue the spotlight it deserves. Simply grab your favorite green shade and decals to match.

Red Berry

Love strawberry nails, but don't have time (or the patience) to commit to a complete set of art? Try this simple yet chic style: a no-frills red manicure featuring just one illustrated strawberry on a finger of your choice.

Darling Decals

According to Boyce, the easiest way to do strawberry nails at home is to use nail decals. Simply paint the base whichever color your heart desires and embellish with strawberry decor. You could even blend two especially sweet summer 2022 trends and create the glazed strawberry donut manicure.

Originally Appeared on Glamour