Straight teen spends hours building 'fabulous’ Minecraft castle for gay friend rejected by parents

A straight man decorated his Minecraft castle with rainbows for a gay friend whose parents didn't accept him. (Photo: Reddit/Cultist101)
A straight man decorated his Minecraft castle with rainbows for a gay friend whose parents didn't accept him. (Photo: Reddit/Cultist101)

A gamer spent hours decorating a Minecraft castle with rainbows for a gay friend who was rejected by his family.

Reddit user Cultist101, whose real name is Jordan, shared the renovation made for his friend Joel— an imposing-looking castle now embellished with rainbow flags and shooting skylights — on an r/gaming thread.

“My friend that I have played Xbox with for many years recently came out as gay and got a lot of backlash from his family,” he wrote. “To show my support I did this to our castle in Minecraft. Many hours and duplications later it was finished.”

Jordan’s workmanship impressed other gamers, who shared comments such as, “I would have to say that castle is fabulously gay,” and “F*** yeah dude, you are a great friend. Keep being awesome.” Another noted, “If you put the time into doing this with him, to support him in who he is, you're his real family.” And another, “Just whoa! I recently had my son come out and recently understood the impact stuff like this has on people. You my friend are a good person have a blessed life!”

Finally, said a fan who was personally moved, “As a gay man, this made me shed a tear. Thank you, I hope your friendship lasts forever.”

Jordan, 18, who lives in England, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he and Joel have been online friends for four years since meeting through the video game Grand Theft Auto. Joel, 18, lives in Ireland but the two message via Facebook every day. “We have the same humor and love of music and games,” Jordan tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Joel told Jordan he was gay right before meeting with his parents. “He was anxious because he wasn’t sure how his parents would react,” he says. “Joel has always acted in a ‘straight’ fashion so I assume they never suspected he was gay.”

Unfortunately, Joel’s parents didn’t approve and threatened to send him to live with his grandmother. “Joel was very sad but he hopes his parents will accept him in the future,” Jordan tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Jordan decided to add Pride flags and rainbow beams to their castle to “cheer him up.” Three hours later, he unveiled the remodeled castle to Joel. “He said, ‘Oh my god’ and paused for a good two minutes,” says Jordan. “It sounded like he was going to cry and he later said he shed a tear.”

The friends will now expand Gay Pride throughout the surrounding medieval city, adding rainbow pride flags and stylizing the local inns. As Jordan tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “We want it to look more gay and fabulous.”

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