Straight from the Cockpit: a 360-Degree View at 39,000 Feet

As passengers, we can only imagine what’s going on in the cockpit of a plane. What does the view look like from there? What are all of those buttons for? And do pilots have more legroom than us?

Thanks to a new video, we get answers to all of our questions.

Originally posted by the website Blick, this stunning video shows 360-degree views of a Swiss Air cockpit during a flight from Geneva to Zurich. By dragging your mouse on the screen you can look at the pilots, their controls, and sky in front of them.

Captain Luc Wolfensberger flying Swiss Air flight 2809 from Geneva to Zurich. (Photo: Blick)

Captain Luc Wolfensberger and his co-pilot Martin Radinger sit at the controls of the A320, as the camera documents taxi and takeoff.

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After the plane levels out, Wolfesnberger jumps on the intercom to welcome guests, even taking a moment to point out landmarks on the ground below.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,” says Wolfesnberger. “On the left hand side, the Lake of Geneva is appearing with the Mont Blac on the right.”

If you were expecting a bunch of high tech tools, prepared to be disappointed. To land the plane, the pilots simply maneuver simple joysticks. They can literally fly the plane with one hand…who knew?!

From beginning to end, both pilots are the example of professionalism, transporting the 250 passengers safely to their destination.

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